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Following on from my original concept piece of June 2021, I decided to create a more refined version of the Stardust interactive image. Utilising a crop of a photograph taken a few years ago of an Omega Megaquartz with aventurine dial, multiple perforations were made in the image, that is backed with 2 layers of black card, to allow light to leak through. The image was then mounted in a deep frame between 2 layers of glass. 


As can be seen in the images and video, any light source behind the frame creates the illusion of an aventurine dial sparkling. 


The frame is fabricated from two pieces of pine and painted with 4 coats of Stuart Semple's Black 3.0 acrylic paint, the blackest paint available to regular consumers (unlike Vantablack) which Anish Kapoor has exclusivity over and isn't actually a paint. 

The paint creates a perfect matt surround to the image. 


The dimensions are 22 x 18 x 2.5 INCHES

Please note that the weight is 6.5kg so it should only be hung on a wall with the correct fixings. 


Lighting can be achieved with either a battery operated or plug and play addressable warm white LED strip system with a remote control. International plugs can also be installed before shipping. 


Includes international shipping worldwide.



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